The Classic British Steering Wheel – Moto Lita

Since the late 50’s Moto-Lita handcrafted wood and leather rim steering wheels have taken pride of place in classic cars and sports cars around the world.

Moto-Lita steering wheels have been chosen as original equipment by almost every prestigious car marque from AC Cars to TVR. Thousands of enthusiasts have used our classic and retro design steering wheels to grace their classic car restoration and renovation projects, or to give a prestigious edge to kit cars and custom cars.

From the day the business started, each and every steering wheel Moto-Lita made has been made by hand. Moto-lita takes a pride in its avoidance of hi-tech gadgetry. Moto-Lita doesn’t profile wheels with lasers, they cut or press them. A robotic arm doesn’t spray varnish on; it’s applied, coat-by-coat by hand with a beautifully effective low-tech brush. To some this might sound old-fashioned and inefficient. Sure, it takes time, but that’s what Moto-Lita does –  it is takes  time, so that every handmade steering wheel leaving workshop in Thruxton is worthy of carrying the Moto-Lita name.

The quality of our products has lead to us being original equipment suppliers to the world’s most highly regarded car makers, as well as making Moto-Lita the wheel of choice for thousands of enthusiasts. Moto-Lita have exported steering wheels to almost every country in the developed world since the ‘60s.

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