Jochen Ernsting reviews his new Roadster

Jochen Ernsting, head of BMW’s motorcycle center in Hamburg was the first owner to drive the new Roadster away from the factory.

This article written by him documents his experience driving it from the Factory back to Hamburg.

Having gone through a much beloved 2009 “Centenary” Plus 4 and a nice 2010 Roadster S III i ordered the new Roadster 3,7 as one of the first – not actually exactly knowing what i´d be facing on delivery. But I have been sure all the time since, it was supposed to be something special.

To say it rightaway: I have been SO right.


When I took delivery of my new car at the factory last week (thank you to all the helpful & always friendly Staff at Malvern!) after some really nerve-wrecking weeks of waiting I must say it has been worth every grey hair it has caused me.
It´s simply a superbe car! Thank you “MMC”!


To tell a long story short: it really is “Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde” in one. Or “the beauty & the beast On the one side it´s the perfect, completely relaxed cruiser – pulling out of the lowest revs with absolute ease… the perfect car for cruising relaxed with your female partner…
It´s other – and even more & very entertaining- side is turning out the beast when flooring your right foot at the right revs – there better is some real flat & wide tarmac in front of you when teasing the beast.

Having covered about 1.000 miles since collection on as well UK single track roads through the scenic Cotswolds as German Motorways I feel almost “at home” in my new car. It proved to be an “easy driver” as well as the described beast – if you are well prepared to control it…..

I´ve never ever driven such a well-balanced and so fantastically meaty performer, may be aside the magnificent Plus 4 SuperSports – but that´s another story and only told by 60 lucky customers worldwide.
THIS stuff is available right off your local Morgan dealer – and trust me: it´s worth every single Pound & weeks of waiting for!

So Ladies & Gentlemen: take your chances…



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    Very interesting read and to see.

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