Miles of Smiles – Second Morgan China Owners’ Tour Takes Place in Sichuan Province

The second Morgan tour in China was held from the 18th to the 21st of May in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in south west China; famous for pandas, beautiful scenery and Chinese hotpots. Over the 3 days and 800 km’s the fleet of Morgan cars became the centre of attention, turning everyone’s heads on and off the roads, and the driving experience confirmed the decision of one customer that he had made the right choice, and prompted another prospective customer to place and order for a Plus 4.


The car owners, media and crew gathered at the Morgan showroom in Chengdu on the 18th of May. After check-in at the hotel, they headed towards the first stop of the trip, the Sanhe Classic Car Museum (三和老爷车博物馆). It was founded in the 1990s and has now become the largest private classic car museum in China. The collections include a diverse range of over 100 classic domestic and overseas cars.


Jim James, Managing Director of Morgan Cars China Limited at the kick-off ceremony

“This is our second Morgan tour, the first of which was to Inner Mongolia in August of last year,” said Jim James, Managing Director of Morgan Cars China Limited at the kick-off ceremony in Morgan Chengdu’s showroom. “To have Morgan cars driven and enjoyed is a key part of our strategy to introduce this more than 100-year-old brand to China.”



Sichuan Traditional Hotpot

Traditional hotpot is the most popular food in Sichuan province, with a history of more than 1,000 years. Hotpot is normally prepared with hot spices and Sichuan pepper. Items cooked in this broth include mushrooms, thinly shaved beef or lamb, lettuce, and various other green vegetables. After tasting the local foods, all participants had a trip to “Kuanzhai” alley(宽窄巷子) where they enjoyed local snacks, Chinese artefacts and the most impressive performance of Sichuan Opera “face changing”.


Morgan Cars Fleets including a 4/4, Roadster (4 Seater) and two Plus 4’s (4 Seater)

In partnership with Morgan Cars Chengdu, the dealership in the southwest of China, four Morgan cars including a 4/4, Roadster (4 Seater) and two Plus 4’s (4 Seater) drove through Chengdu city to Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, a distance of around 300 kilometres.


Cruised on motorway 

On morning of the 19th, the eye-catching fleet of Morgan cars started from the Crowne Plaza Hotel after a short briefing, and then headed towards the first stop, Taoping Qiangzhai(桃坪羌寨). This trip included a 100-kilometre motorway and 38 kilometres of provincial roads displaying much beautiful scenery. Morgan cars sped along the roads, the 1.6L, 2.0L and 3.7L engines all purring when the throttles were widened, the elegant styling of the cars impressing onlookers who struggled to catch photos of the British cars on Chinese roads.


Arrived at Taoping Qiangzhai

The fleet arrived at Taoping Qiangzhai around lunch time for a chance to taste some traditional food and realize the Qiang minority culture in the east of China. Morgan cars became the brightest stars in this little town, as people crowded around and took pictures of these classic cars they had never seen before.


Live broadcast from Netease, one of the largest media portals

At lunch time the journalist from Netease, one of the largest media portals, staged a live broadcast using his smart phone to a real-time audience of 150,200 viewers who watched a detailed explanation of the car as the Plus 4 cruised along the tree lined round which runs alongside the Min river(岷江).


Morgan Cars at Bipenggou(毕棚沟) resort which is a site of World Natural Heritage

Along the mountain road they drove through around 70km would arrive the Bipenggou(毕棚沟) resort which is a site of World Natural Heritage. As the four Morgan cars were parked in a beautiful area where they could see the snow-covered peak and silent lake, not only our friends from the media take the opportunity to get some fantastic photos, but also others took shots of Morgan cars from various angles.


Guests were invited to climb the snowy mountain at Bipenggou resort in the morning of 20th May. It is famous for the original forest, waterfalls and fresh air, and it is easy to lose yourself in these amazing views. You could even sometimes kid yourself that you are in the unforgettable scenery of the Highlands in Scotland.


At the same time, the media and Morgan crew drove a 4/4 and a Roadster (4 Seater) along the mountain road and scenery points for exclusive photo shooting. All participates gathered and moved forward to the next stop, Guergou(古尔沟) resort, after lunch. Driving through mountain after mountain, tunnel after tunnel, bridge after bridge, the motorcade of Morgan cars finally arrived Ramada Guergou Hot Spring Hotel to enjoy a hot spring to relax and wipe out their tiredness from the 4-hour journey.


On the way to Guergou(古尔沟) resort

It was a very special feeling to stay in a hot spa pool around snowy mountains after driving approximately 40 kilometres. There is no doubt that drinking a specially selected Scotch whisky would be perfect after the hot spring. Jim opened a bottle of the Balvenie single malt to celebrate the grand tour success and show appreciation to all participants. What’s more, two young female Porsche owners were attracted by the Morgan cars, and excitedly took selfies in the pale blue 4/4.


Enjoyed the whisky

The last day of the tour was the 21st of May. The entire fleet set off and headed back towards Chengdu after breakfast; a journey of 230 km. The Morgan cars blended in perfectly with the nature, and with the forest of wind mills. We stopped several times for sightseeing and enjoyed the fresh air, yet our cars caused some traffic due to passers-by curious to take a look at Morgan.



Arrived Wenchuan town

The long motorway from Wenchuan(汶川) to Chengdu gave us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves with these cars. Moreover, Morgan cars received a couple of positive comments and feedback from both car owners and potential customers.


Mr. Cheng, classic car collector based in Hangzhou who has a Plus 4 on order.

“Morgan cars is not only a hand-made sportscar, but has also become an icon of classic car culture. It looks better than other modern vehicles, and I am delighted to become a Morgan car owner,” said Mr. Cheng, CEO of an architecture design company and classic car collector based in Hangzhou who has a Plus 4 on order.


Mr Huang of Shenzen, and his wife

“It was an unforgettable tour with those fantastic Morgan cars. Whether admiring its elegant exterior or luxurious interior, I really enjoy driving Morgan cars, and I am planning to buy the Plus 4 (4 Seater) for my family since I am a father of two boys.” Mr Huang of Shenzen, and his wife showed the feeling of Morgan cars from inside their own hearts to us.


By the time sunset came, everyone had reached the Morgan cars Chengdu showroom. It was a successful tour for Morgan in China, driving over 800 km in 3 days, all safe and without incident. Outside the San He Morgan showroom, Mr Chen announced that he would host the next Morgan owners tour in Hangzhou in the spring of 2018. We can’t wait.


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