Morgan at Silverstone Classic 2012

Morgan Motor Company had a fantastic weekend at Silverstone classic showcasing cars amongst some of the most beautiful and powerful motors on the market. Highlights including the Celebrity Morgan Race, passenger hot laps around stowe circuit, chassis displays and the Morgan owners club bringing morgans from all eras to be displayed by the stand.

Celebrity Race (VIDEO COMING SOON)

Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher won thie Celebrity Challenge race ahead of musicians AC/DC ‘frontman’ Brian Johnson and Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay at the Silverstone Classic powered by the AA event.

The annual race at the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival with its ‘Rocking and Racing’ theme has raised money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK and the RPJ Chron’s Foundation.

Other celebrities to participate included Hollywood actor Sir Patrick Stewart, Nicola Stapleton and Tony Hirst of Eastenders and Coronation Street fame, chef Heston Blumenthal, BBC Radio 1’s ‘Comedy Dave’ Dave Vitty, BBC Sport presenter Andrew Castle, Sky Sports’ Vicky Gomersall and Wolves soccer legend Steve Bull.

All were in identical race-prepared 130mph Morgan sportscars but it was Fletcher, aka Emmerdale farmer Andy Sugden, who came out on top. Starting from pole position he led all the way and also set the race’s fastest lap around the famous Silverstone Grand Prix track.

Fletcher commented: “It was really good fun. The race was harder than qualifying, but I had an amazing time and a good battle with Jay Kay before edging away. Everyone came back unscathed which was the main thing. It’s been a great day and we’ve raised awareness for three great charities.”

Runner-up Johnson said: “It was fantastic. The crowds were awesome as were the guys who loaned us these magic cars. This is the best event on the planet and, what’s more, it’s right here on our doorstep in the UK. I’ve had a wonderful time. It was terrific fun.”

Kay added: “It was brilliant although fairly full on and I had a great tussle with Tony Hirst and Brian Johnson. But I was a naughty boy for driving off the track a few times so got a small time penalty which meant I missed out on second. I’m probably going to get six of the best for that but I’ve had a ball.”

 Celebrity Challenge Results (8 laps)

 1. Kelvin Fletcher, 21m05.479s
2. Brian Johnson, +7.513s
3. Jay Kay, +9.246s
4. Tony Hirst, +16.861s
5. Steve Bull, +21.682s
6. Dave Vitty, +1m01.825s
7. Heston Blumenthal, +1m34.207s
8. Andrew Castle, 2m51.003s
9. Sir Patrick Stewart, 3m02.808s
10. Nicola Stapleton, +1 lap
11. Vicky Gomersall, +1 lap

Fastest lap: Fletcher, 2m34.990s


 Morgan Passenger Rides

 The stowe circuit held host to a weekend of Morgan rides, whereby customers could experience the thrill of hot laps round the track. Our trained racing drivers were speeding the Plus 8, roadster, aero supersports, and 3 wheelers around the track to the delight of all the passengers.

Birmingham Childrens Hospital (A message about the appeal) 

The money raised will go towards our Children’s Cancer Centre Appeal to rebuild and reconfigure our out of date cancer unit here at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Imagine you are 7 years old and going into hospital tomorrow to start treatment to get rid of your cancer. You don’t understand what is going on, you’re worried about leaving your friends or what is going to happen about missing school? Are your mum and dad going to be allowed to stay overnight?

So when you arrive to a bright, child-friendly and fun unit which has playrooms for you to make new friends, spacious bedrooms for you and your family and a brand new suite for when you need to have your chemotherapy, it makes a massive difference to calming your nerves and helping you respond positively to the 100s of visits you’re likely to make during the course of your treatment.

But unfortunately our current cancer unit is not as we have described above. Instead, it is over 30 years old, and demand has outgrown capacity.

We need your help to create one of the largest Children’s Cancer Centres in the UK. Please decide to help us today and we can raise £4m to improve the experience of patients, their families and the staff who care for them.

Many of the families we meet are overwhelmed to find out that they are being helped by the kindness of strangers. They feel moved that someone they don’t know has been kind enough to make a donation to support them and their child.

Your support will help us create a light, spacious and purpose built unit for our patients who come to us from as far as John O’Groats or Lands End for the very best treatment in the UK.

Thank you from all the staff patients and families here at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

For more information on how you can help please follow this link




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