Morgan Cars Shanghai Showroom

Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world with a population around 30 million. Now State Capitalism encourages growth above all and China’s GDP growing at around 5% per year. All property is held by individuals on a long lease from government but this does not seem to impede development and Shanghai is about to be home to biggest Disneyland in the world and a new Dreamworks entertainment centre. This will be a huge complex by the side of the Yangtze river designed by Geoffrey Katzenberg where you can star in your own version of Shrek or Toy Story.

The Morgan car dealership is in centre of the city in an area called Xin Tian Di. This is a conversion of traditional buildings into cafes and restaurants and some expensive boutiques. It is a very popular area and is a bit like Soho in London. It is one of the only areas of Shanghai with a sense of human scale. Otherwise the city seems to be all high rise and shopping malls.

Xin Tian Di is on the city centre side of the French Concession where the big important restored diplomatic villas are found. In Xin Tian Di is the French School where Mao formed the Communist Party of China, which is now a popular tourist museum.

On the 28th October the Morgan LMP2 car competed in the World Endurance Championship at the Shanghai International Race Circuit. The car achieved a podium at a well attended sports car race that was broadcast live throughout China.

The Morgan Aero Coupe is the first car to appear at the prestigious annual Fine art and Jewellery Fair at the International Exhibition Centre in the centre of Shanghai.

The potential market for Morgan is huge in China. There are now at least 13 cities, all bigger than Birmingham. It is the right time and the right product for an emerging sophisticated Chinese customer who appreciates the craftsmanship and skill that creates a product out of high quality materials. The long history and heritage of Morgan contributes to the appeal. Morgan cars website is now in Mandarin and there is a second dealer opening shortly in Beijing.


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