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Album, movie, Coach of The Voice, and everything. He is the whole package. With ups and downs in career and life, his fortitude is becoming popular. Tagged as ‘hoarse voice’, ’32-concert master’, and ‘Morgan’, he is Kun YANG.

On 13th September 2015, the well-known Chinese singer & actor Kun YANG visited the Morgan showroom in Worker Stadium of Beijing, and picked up his brand new Morgan Plus 8, which commenced his second story with Morgan.


The mutual relation between Kun and Morgan has been so deep that it immerses into the branding and public image of Morgan in China, and it is also a miniature of the 3-year development of Morgan in China.

Known as a huge piston head in the entertainment, Kun used to own a Morgan Roadster 4 seater built in 2007. This unique British classic black sports car left the unique trail of this rock star in Beijing.

After the grand opening of Morgan Beijing showroom, Kun enjoyed dropping by and seeing the latest cars and accessories, which increased his love of Morgan.


His black Roadster was also demonstrated in the showroom presenting the charm to fans of either Morgan or Kun. Being well serviced and adjusted by the after-sales team of Morgan Beijing, the glamour of this car shined like a brand new car. Some Morgan fans, meanwhile, showed great interests in the car.

Cars are destined with their owners. This Roadster, as possibly the most legendary Morgan in China, was finally bought by a loyal fan of Kun, which encouraged Kun to decide buying a brand new Morgan that possess the upmost fun of driving. The best choice, without doubt, is Plus 8, which can be seen as the flagship model of classic Morgan car. On the lightweight aluminium chassis sits the 4.8 litre V8 engine that produces 367 bhp with a ZF6 automatic gearbox. The mighty Plus 8 can reach 100km/h in 4.5s with British elegance and dignity.


Metallic Rover Nightfire body with metallic polished bonnet, the dazzling and unique appearance of this Plus 8 bursts out the personal charisma of Kun along with the leather seats and black interior. Each customer is willing to have a car that expresses the pure individual character, and the features of hand-made and bespoke production guarantee such pursuit towards perfection.

Then this piece of handcrafted art was started to be built in Morgan Motor Company. It was seen as one of the most gorgeous and special Morgan in years. After four months of finely crafting, this car of music star rolled off the line.


Yet the individualisation was not finished. Based on the style and taste of Kun’s choice, the engineers in Morgan China optimised the car including new switches, steering stalks, and dashboard. The central panel was replaced by vintage metallic panel, the buttons were replaced by aircraft switches, and the special ‘KUN’ badges were put on both sides of the bonnet. More personal charm were brought inside out by such deep exclusive design.


Before the formal hand-over, this Plus 8 was treated with high-end cleaning and care, welcoming the owner at its best condition. When Kun drove this car in Beijing number plate out on the street, a new adventure started.



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