Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales Limited to Market Morgan Cars in Shandgong Province

Morgan Aero Coupe and Plus 8 on Show at the China Festival of Speed

Beijing China: 1st October 2012. Morgan Cars Limited has agreed a partnership with Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales Limited for the sales, marketing and service of the British handmade sports cars in Shangdong Province. The agreement means that the two parties will cooperate to introduce the Morgan Motor branded cars in 2012 at the China Festival of Speed with a view to establish a permanent showroom and full after sales service facility in Qingdao, the capital of Shangdong Province. 

The partnership with Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales Limited, a dedicated British sport car brand distributor, is part of a strategy to extend the access to Morgan cars for potential customers via quality partners with a passion for authentic British luxury cars. Established in 2012, Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales Limited has been established to represent both the Morgan and Lotus Car brands, two leading British marques.  

General Manager of the company, Zhou Jiang, said, “People in north east China are increasingly knowledgeable about niche luxury brands like Morgan, and the China Festival of Speed is an excellent platform to launch the Plus 8 and Aero in the market. We believe so strongly in the Morgan brand that we set up a new company dedicated to bring these hand built luxury cars to the Shangdong province.” 

Jim James, Managing Director of Morgan Cars Limited said, “Shangdong Province is one of the most important car markets in China and therefore it was a priority for Morgan cars to be represented there by a reputable , energetic and committed team. The management of Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales and I share a common passion for the history, style and performance of Morgan cars. I look forward to working with their team to share with the community in Shangdong province the excitement of driving the last truly British hand built sports car.” 

The first ever China Festival of Speed will take place for five days from 2 to 6 October 2012. The organizers claim that over 200,000 people will gather in Qingdao’s coastal resort, Jiaonan, for a unique series of car-related events. The organizers claim that they will highlight China’s importance as a market of the future and establish a new and unique Chinese car culture. The focus will be on China, but the scope and interest will be largely on international brands which will include Porsche, Jaguar and Morgan.

Via the partnership between Morgan Cars and Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales potential customers for Morgan cars in north east China will have the opportunity to experience the Aero Coupe and Plus 8 with the support of a professional, established organization which understands and appreciates the value of the Morgan heritage, style and performance.

Shandong province is reputed to be China’s No. 1 passenger vehicle market. In 2009, Passenger Cars registered in Shandong Province reached a record of 757,604 according to statistics released by Qilu Evening News in 2010. More interestingly, the Shandong auto market includes both Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities led by Jinan, Qingdao and Weifang. Throughout the whole year of 2008, only 5 in 17 cities of Shandong registered more than 30,000 cars while in 2009, 12 cities reached this level. While these sales are largely of mainstream brands, it does show a trend towards a broad base car ownership and the potential for Morgan to participate in this growth.

About Morgan Cars Limited
Since 1909 Morgan Motor Company Limited has been hand-building motor cars; it is the oldest privately held motor company in Great Britain. Based in Malvern 
Hills, the company produces approximately 1,000 units per year made by a workforce of 200. Morgan Cars Limited, a Hong Kong registered company, is the Authorised Dealer appointed in Beijing operating with a WOFE in China with the rights to market, import and sell Morgan Motor Company vehicles and related merchandise.


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Oscar Zhang
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Email: drive@morgan-cars.com.cn

About Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales Limited

The Qingdao Jiayun Yinjie Car Sales was established in 2012 for the sale and service of motor brands in north-east China. The Company is the distributor for Lotus Cars and Morgan Motor Company.

Media contact:

Mr Zhang Leting

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