The First Morgan China Owner Tour

In this era when super cars are everywhere, a line of Morgan cars can be without doubt the most eye-catching fleet on the street.


The first ever Morgan tour in China was held on 19-22 August. The 440km from Morgan Beijing showroom to Huitengxile Grassland witnessed the unique elegance and classic design of Morgan fleet, which also became the centre of spotlight by turning everyone’s head by the roadside.

The car owners, media and crew gathered at the Morgan showroom in Beijing Worker Stadium at 9.30am 19th August. After a brief kick-off ceremony the motorcade of Morgan cars headed towards the first stop of the trip: The Commune Hotel by the world-known Great Wall. There was a 3 Wheeler, a Roadster 2 seater, a Roadster 4 seater, and a 4/4 in this trip convoyed by four support vehicles. It was a ‘flowing scenery’ in Beijing’s busy traffic that morning.



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After arriving at The Commune at noon the car owners and guests were checked-in to its famous bamboo houses for some rests. As the four Morgan cars were parked in beautiful sunshine, our media took the opportunity and did some photo shooting.

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By the time of sunset all members in this trip gathered at one of the bamboo houses. Jim James, managing director of Morgan Cars China, opened bottles of champagnes and made toasts, sending appreciation to all participants of this historical tour.



On 20th the fleet set off for Inner Mongolia at 9am. Being the first ever Morgan tour in China, the cars were attracting surprise faces as well as loads of cameras, no matter the cars were on highway or at service stations. After a 5-hour drive of over four hundred kilometres, we arrived at Howard Johnson Hotel of Ulanqab (Wulanchabu).




Team of Morgan China drove the 4/4 and 3 Wheeler to a local petrol station where the cars were welcomed by some officials, and Jim was interviewed by a local media.



Dinner was hosted at the ‘hot pot’ restaurant in the hotel with the local finest lamb and beef. We were also embraced by the most sincere gratitude through dancing and singing.


On the next day we started from Ulanqab, driving for about 120km into the vast Huitengxile Grassland. Morgan cars blended in perfectly with great nature, and with the forest of wind mills. We stopped several times for sightseeing and enjoyed the fresh air, yet our cars caused some traffic blocking by the passers-by who were curious to take a look at Morgan.






After lunch everyone was checked in to Mongolian yurts where used to be the residence of traditional nomads. At the same time all Morgan cars were driven on the country roads nearby for some media filming. The gorgeous pictures and clips will surely become Internet hits in near future.





Inside a huge yurt was the feast. Roast lamb was served as main dish, and it was surrounded by drinks and joy.

On early morning next day, the entire fleet set off and headed back towards Beijing in drizzle. A six-hour drive could be exhausting but it took us home.


It has been a successful tour for Morgan in China, promoting Morgan to crowd of people and sharing the glamour of this charming brand. Thank you to all the car owners, media and crew, hope to see you soon on our next trip.


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  1. Molina C. posted on 17/03/2018 | Reply
    Great tour ! Great photos ! Wish could live same experience once day ! Christophe (Morgan Club France)


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