Morgan Cars Showed Speed And Passion Showed On CDIC

Morgan Cars Showed Speed And Passion Showed On CDIC

118th June 2014, a shock drama is destined to sports fans in chengdu most conquests of battlefield – chengdu jingang international circuit (CDIC).2

On this day, Chengdu Sanhe Group with Morgan cars, contribute your full classic collection of Morgan — Plus 4, global 50 limited Brookline Edition of 3 Wheeler , Roadster and Plus8, four ultimate collection Morgan sports car, invited the special real players and the people keen to sport cars to join this real track experience.


At the same time the actors who joined this great event also with the Chairman Mr.Huang Zongmin of Sanhe Group’s treasure classic cars, from Auburn Benz 190 to Dodge Brother and Hudson etc 10 classic cars. The scale of the classic vehicle track compete, is the first time of whole China!


The limited Edition 3 Wheeler – 3 Wheeler became the highlight of the event and the dazzling star. The metallic appearance modelling and 3 wheeler ancient ways, to appreciate more than stay in the primary stage.

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As early as in Sanhe Group introduced the Morgan brand, has determined to make custom agitation restoring ancient ways across the real car in Chengdu. For this flash, Sanhe Group founder Mr Huang Zongmin with Morgan the British brand silently salute to time, salute to grace…


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