25th May 2015. Morgan Cars China has launched ‘Morgan Tours’ to enable Chinese to visit Britain and to experience the best of British Motoring Culture, Venues and Events. The Classic Car industry, rich in events and commercial opportunities, is a category into which Morgan Tours aims to promote custom travel in partnership with UK venues, established inbound tour operators and British Airways. In 2014 the British Government announced the ‘China Welcome Initiative,’ which includes a target to secure 650,000 Chinese visitors spending £1.1 billion by 2020 across Britain, some of which will be spent in the classic car market via Morgan Tours.


Morgan Tours have been launched to offer people who like British motoring heritage, cars and events an entertaining package which can be enjoyed as individuals or as a group. The Classic Car ‘hobby’ in the UK is a GBP4bn (RMB40bn) industry, employing some 28,000 people, 3,800 specialist traders and a busy calendar of events across the country which can be enjoyed as drivers and spectators, appealing to both Britons and visitors from abroad. Morgan Motor has been making cars since 1909, and is therefore part of the Classic Car heritage and current motor community. As the importer of Morgan cars to China, Morgan is meeting the need of potential and existing customers who want to experience British automotive culture.

“The goal of Morgan Tours is to share the heritage, culture and entertainment of motoring venues and events in Britain in a way that is easy, exciting and memorable for Chinese tourists. Due to our unique position in the industry as importers of Morgan cars, we are able offer priority access to the people and places that are at the heart of British motoring, including watching classic cars being hand built in a 100 year old factory and enjoying the events taking place at the17th Century Goodwood Estate, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.” said Jim James, Managing Director of Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing).




Flying from any of the 3 main airports served by British Airways, customers will land in London and be driven to Malvern, home of the oldest independent car company in the world, Morgan Motor Company. A day will be spent in the Factory to watch some 180 craftsmen hand build cars from wood, leather, mohair and steel, followed by a drive in a Morgan in the beautiful Malvern Hills. The party will head to Oxford to visit many of the sites including some of the 38 colleges in the University founded in the the 13 Century. London is of course on the itinerary followed by 2 nights at the Goodwood Estate in Sussex. The grounds are home to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but also many activities including golf, flying and horse racing.

The itinerary of the Morgan Tours has been devised to cover 8 days in the UK. Customers will receive a full service from VISA application approval to preferential service on British Airways, to reception at the London airport by Chinese speaking guides. The logistics are being managed by China Britain travel, an award winning travel service with offices in London and Beijing. The venues will offer Mandarin language materials for guests to ensure that the experience is enjoyable and exciting, but also a great way to learn more about British motoring and general heritage.

Tourism spend and visits from China to the UK continue to be strong. In 2013 figures, Chinese inbound market grew faster in percentage terms than any other of VisitBritain’s twenty-two priority markets, with spend up by 132% (to £181m) and visits up by 21% in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012.¹

About China Britain Travel
China Holidays was founded in 1997 in London, United Kingdom by Chinese and British partners, opening a Beijing office in 2005. It is the largest and longest running tour operator in the UK, receiving more than 4,000 Chinese visitors to the UK and Europe each year. dealing exclusively with China. China Holidays has been awarded the Air Tour Organizer’s license (ATOL) and is a member of the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA), the British Inbound Tour Operators Association (UK Inbound) and the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA).

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