Beijing – China, 19 Oct 2015 Morgan Cars China announces the introduction of the Plus 4 Vitesse, an automatic transmission model of the best selling 2.0L hand built classic car from Morgan Motor Company. The introduction of the Vitesse model for the 2 and 4 seater Plus 4 will expand the market for the British sports car notably for the urban and female customers for whom ease of driving and unique styling are key considerations.


The Plus 4 Vitesse combines classic styling with modern ease of driving and performance. The Plus 4 has been in continuous production since 1936, making it the longest running car in production in the automotive industry. However, Morgan to date has only offered the BMW 4.8L Plus 8 with an automatic transmission. The introduction of the Plus 4 Vitesse is the result of collaboration with a British engineering company which provides the power trains for the Morgan 3 Wheeler and is an official partner of Mazda, provider of the MX5 gearboxes which are used in the Ford engined vehicles.

The Automatic version of the Plus 4, available in 2 and 4 seats, delivers the economy of an automatic with enhanced performance. The Ford GDI engine is paired with a 6 speed Mazda gearbox and a tuned GCU (Gearbox Control Unit). The ECU (Engine Control Unit) has not been altered and therefore the emissions are not affected, and are still Euro V compliant. The gearbox can be switched to manual to enjoy the thrill of driving a sports car that offers 154BHP at 6,000 RPM on a weight of less than 950kg, accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 6.3s, and a top speed of 189.9KPH. Fuel consumption is claimed at a combined urban cycle of 7.06L/100km


Jim James, Managing Director of Morgan Cars China said, “The Plus 4 Vitesse Automatic combines classic car styling with modern ease of driving. Enjoying the experience of piloting a classic British sports car on the roads of China has never been as comfortable and affordable as with the Plus 4 Vitesse from Morgan.”

Founded in 1909, Morgan is the oldest privately held car company in the world, producing hand built classic sports cars in Malvern, England. The factory makes 500 cars per year and approximately the same number of Morgan 3 Wheelers. Morgan cars are the only classic cars in the world which can obtain a vehicle license in China. In 2013 Morgan opened its first showroom in Beijing, and has dealer owned showrooms in Chengdu, Shanghai and Qingdao. A dealer for Southern China is being sought by the Company.


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