Morgan Cars Limited FAQ’s

About Morgan Motors:

Q. When was Morgan Motors started?

A.Founded by H.F.S. Morgan in 1909

Q. Where is Morgan Motors located?

A. Malvern, Worcestershire

Q. How big is Morgan Motor Company?

A. 200 staff

Q. Who owns Morgan Motors?

The Morgan family Mr Charles Peter Henry Morgan and directors Mr Timothy John Whitworth & Mr Steven David Morris.

About the Importers

Q. Which company is the importer?

A. Morgan Cars Limited – a Hong Kong registered company, and the locally incorporated WOFE is the Wholesale Company.

Q. Who are the shareholders?

A. Jim James is the 100% shareholder of the HK Company.

Q. When was it established?

A. 2011

Q. Where is the showroom

A. we have signed a leasing contract with The Worker’s Stadium in Beijing.

Q. How big is the show room?

A. It is 300 square meters.

Q. When it will be opened?

A. Q4

Partners in China:

Q. Who is the local partner?

A. In China we have established some local partners and are exploring additional ones

  • Beijing – we are open to discussions from a local auto retailer
  • Guangzhou it is Auto Culture Committee
  • Shanghai it is Studio Shanghai
  • Other markets open to discussion

Q. How many dealers do you expect to have?

A. Our plan for 2012 is to have upto 5 dealers in China

About the cars:

Q. How many models are there in the range?

A. Six.

Q. What about the 3 wheeler?

A. We are going to investigate the special requirements of this 3 wheel motorcycle in 2013.

Q. What makes Morgan cars special?

  • Hand made with natural wood, leather and bonded alloy structure
  • Bespoke design each tailored to the customer
  • Limited in supply

Q. Who is the designer?

A. Matt Humphries a 30 year old Englishman is head of design, based at the Factory.

Q. Can they be driven on Chinese roads?

A. Yes – All Morgan’s are Euro V compliant

Q. Are they CCC registered?

A. Not at this stage

Q. Do you intend to CCC register?

A. In the event that volume supports the cost we will take CCC compliance further.

Q. How will you import the cars?

A. They are covered under the low volume import regulations.

Q. Where are they made?

A.  100% made in Malvern England

Q. What is handmade?

A. The entire car is assembled by hand, there are no robots involved.

Q. Which colours are available?

A. Upto 30,000 options for customers

Q. Where the materials from?

A. Leather is from Muirhead Brothers in Scotland,Wood from Norfolk. Super formed wings from local supplier called ‘SuperForm’

Q. How many are made each year?

A. 1,100 cars across the range of cars

Q. How long does it take to build one car?

A. 1 ½ months

Q. How many will be available to China market?

A. Up to 30 cars 2012/2013

Q. When are the cars available?

A. Pre-orders taken now and delivery in approximately 6 months

Q. How do you service the cars?

A. We are in discussion with an established 4-S facility with experience of BMW and Ford engines.

Q. Warranty?

A. Morgan provides a 24-month warranty period for all cars.

Q. Who will do the servicing?

A. Nominated engineers will be sent back to the factory for training in the UK.

Q. How long will it take to receive parts from the UK?

A. Approximately 5 days by UPS.