The Future of Morgan

Morgan confirms development of megnesium and aluminum. In a brief chat with The Telegraph, managing director of Morgan, Charles Morgan, talked about how the tiny UK automaker will navigate the future. Morgan believes that as long as the company can find a way to exploit niche products that the big automakers can’t or won’t do, and if his firm can be a test bed for new technologies, then there’s a way to retain both the Morgan spirit and independence. One of those upcoming technologies could be a new chassis material of magnesium and aluminum. The combination would allow Morgan to form its panels in the traditional way, but make them 20 percent lighter. You can watch him lay out the company’s present and future in the video below, and no matter the material we hope it includes the EvaGT.  

Shanghai Image – First Post

Charles Morgan and his wife Kiera Morgan drive a Morgan sport car at during the opening of China’s first Morgan sport cars showroom in Shanghai October 25, 2012. Sales growth in the global luxury market is expected to slow sharply this year, as Chinese and European customers rein in spending and concerns about the global economy take their toll. Chinese consumers, many of whom shop abroad, have become the world’s No. 1 buyers of luxury goods, ahead of the Japanese, the Americans and the Europeans, according to one recent study. Chinese consumers make up half of luxury purchasers in Asia. The article is appeared on