1970 – 1980


Passenger and driver airbags deployed on the hi-G track at the Motor Industry Research Association

Whilst the Morgan Four Four holds the record for the world’s longest production run of the same model, the Plus Eight boasts the longest continuous use of the same power unit in a Morgan. To make this possible there have been regular changes to the specifications over the years. This has ensured that the cars meet modern standards of safety and emissions and are up to date in levels of performance and comfort. In 1970 the Plus Eight gained US type approval after meeting American safety and clean air requirements and in 1978 all Morgan models gained EEC whole vehicle type approval. Further design improvements have been made following experience gained racing and rallying the cars.


1978 – MMC 11, the works racing Plus Eight competing in the BRDC and BRSCC Production Sports Car Championship

The racing pedigree of the Morgan was enhanced in 1972 and 1975 when Robin Grey driving a Plus Eight won the Fred Dixon Modsports Championship. Chris Alford won the BRSCC Production Sports Car Championship in a Four Four in 1976 and MMC 11, the first production Plus Eight tested by “Autocar” magazine, took the BRDC Production Sports Car Championship in 1978 with nine wins and three seconds in twelve races. This was followed with victory in the BRSCC Production Sports Car Championship in 1979. The drivers were Charles Morgan, the grandson of the founder, and Rob Wells.