Give the Gift of Wheels – Twice

The Morgan SuperSort Junior pedal car is a 2/3 scale of the original 1909 Morgan 3-wheeler. It is built on a woodchassis  with steel body, with fullsuspension and 3 gears for speed; it also has working lights. Each car can be custom specified in different colours and leather patterns. It is suitable for children aged 6 to 13 years old.

There will only be 250 made under a special arrangement made with Morgan Motor Company of the UK.

Give a SuperSport Junior as a gift to someone you love, and we will donate a wheelchair to a child in need.


For each SuperSport Junior sold, Morgan Cars Beijing will donate 10% of the sale price, with the aim of reaching a total donation of RMB1,800,000. This money will be donated to Wheels Plus Wings who will enable children with disabilities to travel independently by providing custom designed wheelchairs; liberating them to pursue their dreams.


is an independent not for profit group committed to improving attitudes towards children with disabilities. it does this by helping to create role models for other children to follow, gifting wheel chairs which enable disabled children to fulfil their potential.

Help us to give the gift of wheels, plus wings, to those who are in need.

Order your loved one a Super Sport Junior today… stocks will run out.




The cost of a Morgan Super Sport Junior is RMB68,000

Payment schedule:

10% deposit on confirmation
40%  within 7 days of receipt of confirmation of  “Wings” production order
50% prior to shipping from the UK

Colour options available:

Special colours available on request and may carry a surcharge.
Special colours available on request and may carry a surcharge.

Delivery time:
The Junior SuperSport takes 4 weeks to be hand built, and another 6 weeks to ship. We will process orders as quickly as we can, but please be patient. We will deliver within 12 months of order.
Invoices will be issued by Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co. Limited  for payment in RMB .
Payment can be made direct to Bank of China within China or to HSBC  in Hong Kong, or via debit card in the Morgan Cars showroom.
Fapiao will be issued on receipt of final balance of payment.
Price includes taxes and cost of delivery to Beijing. For delivery to other locations charges may apply.
In the event that we do not reach the minimum order then Morgan Motor Company may decline to produce the Junior Super Sport. In the event that a Junior SuperSport is not available we will offer customers a choice:
– Make a donation to Wheels Plus Wings equal to the value of their deposit
– Have a refund of their deposit
Thank you:
Thank you for your support of China 250 Wings – Giving the gift of wheels, Twice.